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A well tempered, pleasant-tasting beer with friends is the pure indulgence! High-quality raw materials, the purity law and the centuries-old knowledge characterise the fine art of brewing. In order to maintain this quality, the today’s brewery must focus on state-of-the-art technologies.

Stainless steel tanks have proven to be excellent for brewing. Rieger tanks are most suitable as fermentation and storage tanks. They are tasteless, acid-proof and easy to clean.
No matter what requirements you make to us, whether these are special designs, stirrers, cooling or heating opportunities: We plan and deliver to you individual made-to-measure tanks according to your requirements.

Challenge us!
Hot water tank with trapezoidal sheet insulation Cylindro-conical storage/fermentation tank before shell frame insulation Cylindro-conical storage/fermentation tank ready for despatch Cylindro-conical storage/fermentation tank top view with dome case Cylindro-conical storage/fermentation tank integrated in building with top access Tank for CIP mediums CIP tank insulated Cylindro-conical storage/fermentation tank with equipment of fittings Cylindro-conical storage/fermentation tank installation outside Cylindro-conical storage/fermentation tank installation outside on steel structure





Delivery program/Tank types:

Starting and flotation tanks
Pressure tanks
Vertical and horizontal storage tanks
Brewing warm and cold water tanks
Underback and last-running tanks
CIP tanks
Filter column casings
Fluid sugar storage tanks
Yeast storage tanks
Yeast propagators
Lactic acid propagators
Cylindro-conical storage tanks / Cylindro-conical
fermentation tanks / Cylindro-conical tanks
Process tanks
Agitation vessels


Accessories/Further services:

Cooling/heating zones
Brewery-specific fittings
Access platforms
Complete units
Special constructions
Organisation of transport logistics: Special transports
including permissions, escort vehicles etc.

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