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The choice of beverages is growing: Refreshing mineral water, trendy mix beverages and soft drinks in the latest flavours are loved by young and old.

The manifold is the number of the available beverages, the manifold are the requirements to be met by the beverage tanks.
From a simple storage tank, over double-deck tanks, up to fermenters, we develop, together with you, your individual tank or your tank farm. Even extreme sizes aren’t a problem for us, we have a lot of experience with the organisation and execution of special transports, all required permissions included. Depending on the location, transport is made on roads or rivers. If these transportation routes are not possible, we even produce your tank on site.
Tank farm Storage vessel for drinking water during loading Agitation vessel with lateral agitator and control box Standard vessel with Pillow plate and level indicator RIEGER flash pasteurisation tank at the Intervitis trade fair Tank farm with piping and access system Mixing and storage tanks insulated, different sizes Flash pasteurisation tanks before transport to the customer Standard vessel with Pillow plate heating/cooling

Delivery program/Tank types:

Filling tanks
Batching vessels
Mixing tanks
CIP vessels
Double-deck tanks
Pressure and vacuum vessels
Flat-bottom tanks
Fermentation tanks
Concentration storage tanks
Flash pasteurisation tanks
Storage tanks
Mash supply tanks and mash buffer vessels
Multichamber tanks
Mixing and agitation vessels
Sterile tanks
Tanks according to TRbF and ATEX
Tanks with cooling/heating zones
Sugar dissolvers

Accessories/Further services:

Cooling/heating zones
Access platforms
On-site produced tanks
Special constructions
Organisation of transport logistics including
possible special transports including permissions,
escort vehicles etc.

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