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Mineral water is more than a sparkling thirst quencher. Consumers increasingly pay attention to the health worth of beverages. Mineral water is among the favourites and is considered as a health claims beverage or even as a functional food.

Rieger sees to it that your mineral water tank meets the highest standards and that you can continue to fill premium water.
We include you and your product requirements in the development right from the start. The result is a very functional and optimal solution for your process.
Hot water tank with trapezoidal sheet insulation External storage tanks with access system Unloading of storage tank on pedestals Mineral water storage tanks 350,000 l with trapezoidal sheet insulation Logistics: Large tank despatch Logistics: Large tank loading on barge Logistics: Large tank despatch by truck special transport

Delivery program/Tank types:

Filling tanks
Mixing tanks
CIP vessels
Double-deck tanks
Pressure and vacuum vessels
Filter vessels
Flat-bottom tanks
Basic material tanks
Storage tanks
Dissolving vessels
Multichamber tanks
Mixing and agitation vessels
Buffer tanks
Syrup tanks
Tanks with cooling/heating zones
Sugar dissolvers


Accessories/Further services:

Cooling/heating zones
Access platforms
On-site produced tanks
Special constructions
Organisation of transport logistics including
possible special transport including permissions,
escort vehicles etc.


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