Our Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry


Health is a valuable asset. Therefore manufacturers of pharmaceutical products must pay strict attention to hygiene and care in production - Rieger provides support.

For the production in pharmaceutical industries, tanks and vessels with surfaces easy to clean outside as well as minimum roughness depths in the area in contact with the product are indispensable. Rieger has many years of experience in this sensitive field as well. Stationary as well as mobile vessels are part of our portfolio.
Conical agitation vessel with external grinding and mounting rack Agitation vessel with electrical trace heating and control Agitation vessel top view Agitation vessel vertical with heating/cooling jacket and insulation Bio fermenter 10,000 l Bio fermenter 10,000 l – Detail: Agitator Bio fermenter 10,000 l – Detail: Ring of probes Formulation vessel 30 l – electro-polished inside + outside Mixing vessel 6,500 l with instruments PW vessel 15,000 l – pedestals can be divided PW vessel 34,000 l – with external grinding Agitation evaporator 1,100 l – Detail: CIP piping WFI + WP vessel 40,000 l WFI + WP vessel 40,000 l with insulating substructure WFI vessel 25,000 l before pickling

Delivery program/Tank types:

Batching vessels
AP/PW storage vessels
Bio fermenters and cell fermenters
CIP vessels
Pressure and vacuum vessels
Vessels for granulating liquids
Mixing vessels/Stirrer vessels
Mobile vessels
Process and reaction vessels
Process units
Buffer and storage tanks
Melting vessels
Tanks according to TRbF and ATEX
Tanks with cooling/heating zones, insulation
Storage vessels
WFI storage vessels

Accessories/Further services:

Cooling/heating zones
Access platforms
On-site produced tanks
Special constructions

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