Our Product Range

Filling tanks Mash fermentation tanks
General storage vessels
Mash plungers of type full plunger
Batching vessels
Overflow tanks
Starting and flotation tanks
VinoTop pressure fermenters (horizontal/vertical)
AP/PW storage vessels
VinoTop fermenters
Mixing tanks Mash tanks and mash buffer vessels
Vessels with insulation in different variants Multichamber tanks
Vessels with cooling/heating equipment in different variants Lactic acid propagators
Bio fermenters and cell fermenters Mixing and agitation vessels for white and brown chocolate
Brewing warm and cold water tanks Mixing vessels
Butter melting vessels Mobile vessels
CIP vessels Whey tanks
CIP columns Permeate tanks
Double-deck tanks Process and storage tanks for yoghurt
Pressure vessels Process and reaction vessels
Pressure tanks Process vessels
Fermenters Process units
Fat and oil storage tanks Buffer and storage tanks
Filter vessels Cream tanks
Filter column casings Reactors
Filtration vessels Pure water storage vessels
Flat-bottom tanks, e.g. according to DIN 4119 Raw milk tanks
Fluid sugar storage tanks Agitation vessels
Fermentation tanks Melting vessels
Glucose storage tanks Sparkling wine pressure tanks
Vessels for granulating liquids Silo storage tanks
Basic material tanks Syrup tanks
Yeast storage tanks Vertical and horizontal storage vessels
Yeast propagators Sterile tanks
Hygienisation vessels Tanks according to TRbF and ATEX
Cold and ice water storage tanks Tanks with cooling/heating zones, insulation
Columns (without packings) Vacuum vessels
Concentration storage tanks Underback and last-running tanks
Culture tanks Storage vessels
Flash pasteurisation tanks Heat exchangers
Storage tanks Hot water storage tanks
Dissolving vessels Tartar stabilisation tanks
Low-fat milk tanks WFI storage vessels
Mash storage vessels Tanks according to Water Resources Acts (to HBV and LAU)
In rectangular shape with pre-strainer
Cylindro-conical storage/ferm. tanks/Cylindro conical tanks
In round-horizontal or round-vertical design
Sugar dissolvers
Mash agitation tanks for heating
Type Vinostat, round-vertical with pre-strainer
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