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Good wine caters for a solemn enjoyment – whether it is the full-bodied red wine on a pleasant summer evening or the prickling sparkling wine on a birthday party. This joy is guaranteed by a perfect product quality.

Rieger offers a large product range for wine and
sparkling wine.
From storage tanks over mixing and agitation vessels up to fermenters, with or without cooling and heating possibilities:
We develop individual solutions for you. The tanks and vessels are available in vertical and horizontal design.
Benefit from our long experience.
Rieger red wine mash full plunger during operation Rieger red wine mash full plunger Cubical tank Cubical storage tanks, partly stacked Storage tank round, vertical with cooling jacket Wine press house equipment with storage tank + crane system Cubical tanks, partly stacked Cubical tanks Mash fermentation tanks: 3 x mash plungers, 1 x pressure fermenter Horizontal pressure fermenters Grape reception station Mash piping with squeeze valves Operator’s access platform at mash fermentation tanks Wine press house equipment with mash stocking tanks + Mash fermentation tanks Fermentation and storage tank cellar Mash fermentation tanks Cooling piping at mash fermentation tanks Wine press house with fermentation and storage tanks, access system and press Round fermentation and storage tanks, stacked Oval wooden casks with Rieger stainless steel locking doors and rest drain pipe

Delivery program/Tank types:

Filling tanks
CIP vessels
Double-deck tanks
Pressure tanks
Flat-bottom tanks
Fermentation tanks
Storage tanks
Flash pasteurisation tanks for sussreserve
Mash fermentation tanks

VinoTop fermenters
VinoTop pressure fermenters (horizontal/vertical)
Mash plungers of type Full plunger
Overflow tanks


Mash storage vessels

In round-horizontal or round-vertical design
In rectangular shape with pre-strainer
Type Vinostat, round-vertical with pre-strainer
Mash agitation tanks for heating


Multichamber tanks
Mixing and agitation vessels
Sparkling wine pressure tanks
Tartar stabilisation tanks
Sugar dissolvers

In addition, special solutions for distilleries, also with TRbF and ATEX.

Accessories/Further services:

Barrique storage racks
Wine press houses
Access platforms
Mash and pomace transport systems
On-site produced tanks
Special constructions
Grape receptors

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